How To Change WordPress Post URL without Losing Traffic

Some time we need to change WordPress Post URL that is already published posts , and if we change URL , then old URL give a broken link or 404 not found. Here in this article we will learn how to resolve this problem along with learning  SEO Slug, Stop words, permanent redirect. Here we answer the question raised that How to edit post slug using WordPress ,How to change Published Post URL and URL redirection in WordPress.

Change WordPress Post URL


Now you will get rid of 404 error on changing WordPress URL. Before doing that Let’s understand some important features of post URL


What is post slug in SEO for WordPress?

Post slug are all those words that comes after domain name. As an example


WordPress create slug automatically but i have changed above slug. Here is original slug shown as below.

In default slug there are lot of stop word.That why you need to change WordPress Post URL

What are stop words in SEO?

Common word filtered by Search Engine in Query are called Stop Word. Example is a, an, the, are, by, both, to etc.  Like in above post to is stop word. So you must avoid from using Stop Word.

Here we will describe how to change URL either due to Stop Word or any other reasons.

How to change the Post URL of Published Post?

As it is understood that if we edit existing URL then it give 404 on already established link. So  there is  free redirection plugin that used to redirect old URL to new URL.  Yoast SEO premium version has option of redirection already present.

In above screen you will enter old URL into source URL and new URL into Target URL.when some one click on old url  then automatically redirect url. Hence as a result you will not loose traffic.


we firmly believe that this article help you do not loose traffic . you can redirect your old deleted url to new url.


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