How to Disable Blog Features in WordPress

As WordPress is used for variety of websites like eCommerce, companies, new , blogs . So many website does not require all blog or few blog feature. Some people feel irritating these feature,  therefore some wants to disable the blog features in WordPress.



Why Disable Blog Features required in WordPress?

WordPress used by many big brands website, Many website are with blogging option , but on there hands so many does need blog. Its your choice to built a blog or built WordPress site without blogging features.  But the problem is that admin area show posts, comments, tags and categories. Specially if website is for client who has not too much awareness with WordPress then these feature become confusing for him. But if you turn Website as non-blogging by disabling features, then it is great for client who don’t want blogging.

Disabling Blog Features in WordPress by using Disable Blogging in WordPress plugin

Install Plugin Disable Blogging in WordPress  and activate it. After activation , go to Settings » Blogging  for configuration of plugin.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Disable Blogging in WordPress plugin..

Above screen give you option to enable/disable post, categories , author pages, Feeds , tags etc.  After selection, click on ‘Save Change’ , you will notice that disable option will hide automatically.

Next switch on extra tab, where you control admin greeting, screen option, help tab and admin footer text change.

The profile tab give option to clean up the profile area for user accounts. Also how and hide items that users can change on his/her profile.

The last tab controlling  WordPress admin menu looks like.

You can select where use shown  on Dashboard.

Click on Save Changes button for selected Option applied.Also Keep in mind that after deactivation of plugin all post and comments option come back. Plugin just hide them not delete them.


We firm believe that this article help you for disabling blog features in WordPress.

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