How to Find Which Theme Files to Edit in WordPress

This article is specially new WordPress Learner, who want to customize theme by coding or some other mean. Person want to learn template file editing. Here we will discuss how Theme files to edit in WordPress theme.

Template Files in WordPress Themes

Each and Every theme contains large number of template file that control  the appearance of section or page in WordPress theme.As an example , header.php file control header section.  Therefore how you find out which file need to be edited in your WordPress theme.

The Way of Finding Template Files in WordPress Themes

What The File is the best tool to find out what template parts are used to display the page you’re currently viewing!

Install What The File plugin and activate it.  Plugin is very easy  and it require no setting to configure.

After activation, ‘What the file’ menu appear in admin bar. Now place mouse over menu item and it show drop down menu showing template files.




if you click on file name then WordPress file editor  edit particular file.

The menu item added  in admin bar will be visible to user who is login. Plugin is used only in development.


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