How to Change all Site URLs When Moving Your WordPress Site

Moving WordPress site will not update URL , so manually editing irritate  and also take too much time. You have to edit each post or page url.  Let us see , how to make it possible update URL without spending too much time.




Why You Want to Update URLs?

Answer is simple, because you have Moved your  WordPress Website to  a new domain. You can change WordPress address and URL by WordPress Settings page. But there’s no way to change URL that you have added in your post or page. Also no way to change URLs of images. As we have described earlier it is very time taking process to change URLs manually. Let’s know how to update URL quickly when transferring your WordPress Website.

Update URLs on Moved WordPress Site

Here we consider you have migrated  you WordPress site successfully.  Now you install and activate  Velvet Blues Update URLs WordPress Plugin.  

Now go to Tools » Update URLs  on admin bar for plugin in configuration.


On above screen , give old and new URLs of your WordPress website.  On Screen you have option where you want to update URLs. You can update posts, pages, excerpts, attachments, custom fields  URLs.  After selection of option just Click on button ” Update URLs Now’ . Plugin find all URLs and replace them with new one.


This article is helpful you want to Update URLs After moving WordPress site. This process save you from lot of efforts and also save your precious time.

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