How to Start a WordPress Blog in one hour (Step by Step)

Like Lot of Person if you wish to start of blog then WordPress is best platform. WordPress has too many online help available from beginner to advance Level. Here in our website there’s lot of information available regarding WordPress. But in this article we help you how you can start Your own WordPress blog without have any programming or technical knowledge.

Pre-requisites  to Start a WordPress blog

You must choose a domain name (name of your blog)  , Like we have

You must have a web hosting where you website data reside

We will cover how you can achieve these Pre-requisite  in our Steps.
5 Easy steps for starting WordPress Blog

Step – 1  Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

There’s are lot of web hosting companies  that give you option of registering domain name and hosting space Like hostgator , Blue Hosts, Site ground and  lot more. But here we will consider BlueHost that offer you free domain and %off on web hosting. Open Blue Hot Website and Click on “Get Started Now”  button.

On next Screen , Select the Plan of Your choice and then enter the domain name. Add your account information as per Blue Host direction. Do not select any extra plugin or feature right now.  You can purchase them later. After Payment and Process completion you will receive an email about your CPanel Information. Now you Open CPanel where you can manage your blog and emails. Now See Next follow step-2 for WordPress Installation.

Step -2 WordPress Installation

In cpanel Move to Website section and Click on the Install WordPress Option as shown in below screen by red circle.


On the Next screen Click on Install.

On next screen , Enter the domain name.

On Next Screen, Select username and password.

Click on Install and Wait until success message come in top bar.


Enjoy , You blog has successful created. Now your website url will be  as


URL for Admin Panel as follow

Admin URL :

Enter the Username and password and login in admin area.

Now next step will guide you how to Install WordPress themes and create blog.

Step -3  WordPress Theme Selection

Initial Screen Appear on WordPress site is below

Now we need to add a good looking theme and epitomize theme. Lot of theme that you can select freely or buy from a theme shop websites.  Go to option Appearance>> Theme .

Click on “Add New Button”

On the Next Screen you can search large number of themes. Select theme of your own choice and Click on Install.

After Installation, Click on activate button.


After Installation , customize theme accordingly under Appearance menu.

Once you have installed your theme, you can customize it by clicking on the Customize link under the Appearance menu.

Step-4 Creating Your Blog Post

Now write your blog posts, Go to Posts » Add New menu on right side bar.


After writing post Click on “Publish button” for publishing it for website visitors. On the post Screen you can add categories also.

Step-5  Plugin Installation and Customization

If you want to add more feature then Install plugin . There are lot of plugin available for enhancing WordPress Website.  For more Information read following articles on our website. That will help you for Plugin Installation and Customization.

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There are so many article on website. Explore all article in WordPress Category.


This article help you for creating a blog. We firmly believe that you can crate blog in an hour using above article.

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